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What We Do Operation Services

What We Do

Perceptive Consultants understand the demands and delicate balance between operations and cash flow.  The ultimate goal of Operations is to provides strategizes for future growth and financial sustainability in alignment with the Organizations mission and the governed authority.

Perceptive Consultants will provide:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Financial Management
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Training

How Do We Accomplish

Perceptive Consultants Inc has in-depth knowledge of Behavioral health best practices and clinic operations.  We understand the need for proper Workflows and Standard Operating Procedures. By understanding the day-to-day activities related to frontend and backend operations; we will enhance the Quality of Care by providing:

  • Leadership – Working closely with Behavioral Health Professionals, Psychiatric team, Behavioral Health technicians, and Medical and Mental Health providers to improve service delivery and administrative functions.
  • Collaboration – Perceptive Consultants create key collaborations with leadership teams to provide strategic direction for the organization.
  • Financial Management – Trained staff will monitor billing compliance, evaluate, and improve operational workflows, compliance, and billing standards.
  • Safety and Compliance – Develop and manage documentation and compliance for the team based on State and Federal compliance guidelines.

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