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Perceptive consultants Unlocking the consciousness of the Revenue
Cycle Management with a holistic approach.

Perceptive Consultants expert full revenue cycle management professionals specialize in the complex billing worlds of behavioral health, community-based clinics, and practices.  We customize our activity for each client to ensure maximum revenue.

Perceptive Consultants has been Helping Organizations and Practitioners manage their Billing Services for 15 years.

Since 2008, our veteran billing, RCM Professionals, and Operations Team have been delivering affordable services to relieve the burden of administrative tasks.  Perceptive Consultants offers customized solutions that can free up resources, accelerate reimbursement, and empower your organization to focus on its primary job: Patient Care!

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Success Through Synergy

The best RCM services involve an active collaboration between the care provider and the service provider. We start with an in-depth assessment of your operations to ensure we understand the dynamics at work both within your clinic and in the surrounding community. Based on that evaluation, we match our services to your needs, showing you exactly how our custom solutions free up resources, accelerate reimbursement, and empower your organization to maintain its focus on delivering exceptional care. We also serve as an advisor, helping you stay on top of your ever-evolving industry. From billing regulations and payment reform to patient-centered care and managed care models, every day presents new challenges and new opportunities. We show you how to contain operational costs and maximize reimbursement for the care you provide.

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